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Meditation Chambers

A place where you can practice with just you, a mirror, and your mat...

Our Meditation Chambers are heated to 105°F with therapeutic far infrared heaters.  These private rooms are booked by appointment and you can select which class you'd like to take upon check-in.  When class begins, your demonstrator appears as a hologram in the mirror and leads you through class as if they were your mirror image.  These rooms are available as part of our memberships or can be booked for $24 per session. 

Classes Available in the Meditation Chambers

26 postures and 2 breathing exercises that stretch and strengthen every muscle in the body.  This class is designed to create a full-body workout. 


This class focuses on lower body strength.  We use lunges and balancing to create a series of postures that are linked together with transitional movements called #vinyasas.

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