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Class Descriptions

Total Body

26 postures and 2 breathing exercises that stretch and strengthen every muscle in the body.  This class is designed to create a full-body workout. 

Lower Body

This class focuses on lower body strength.  We use lunges and balancing to create a series of postures that are linked together with transitional movements called #vinyasas.

Upper Body

In this class we use a combination of power yoga and strength training designed to create an upper body  workout.

Abs + Back

This class works the abdomen, hips, pelvis and back to strengthen and stabilize the core muscles that  support all physical activity.

Deep Stretch

Yin is a slow moving practice that uses long holds and deep stretches to help release tension.

What is a mirror class?  

The mirror at the front of the room lights up with a demonstrator to guide you through class.  The instruction is provided by our highly skilled HY Certified Teachers through pre-recorded audio.  The room is heated to 105°F.

What is a live class?  

In our live classes, an HY Certified Teacher is present in the room and demonstrates and instructs the class.  Be prepared to have them walk through the room and give you pointers on how to correct your alignment or improve your posture.  The room is heated to 105°F.

What is a meditation chamber?

These personal rooms are booked by appointment.  They are heated to 105°F and have soft flooring.  The classes are mirror classes that can be selected upon arrival.  All of our foundation classes are taught in these rooms.  You can also choose to use the room to relax and meditate instead of taking a class.

Looking for Yoga Teacher Training?

Our Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Teacher Training Program is an in person course.  Our 200 hour training prepares you to teach the 26 class and our 300 hour training prepares you to teach Flō, Sculpt, Core, and Yin.  These courses certify you to register as an internationally recognized yoga teacher as an RYT200 and an RYT500 with Yoga Alliance.   Find out more >>

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